UK Student Visa Application: A Step-by-Step Guide to Apply for Bangladeshi Students

Are you a Bangladeshi student dreaming of studying in the UK? Well, you are not the only one! The UK is one of the most sought-after destinations for Bangladeshi students, and has been so over the years! And the reason behind this is the good life that the country offers, to all nationalities alike. Recently, the UK Government has introduced various incentives to attract talented individuals from around the world, including Bangladesh. For example, international students who completed a degree in the UK can now apply for a two-year work visa after their studies. The Tier 4 (General) student visa will also allow students to study in the UK, work part-time, and bring their dependents. And to embark on your academic journey in the UK, securing a student visa is a prerequisite. However, understanding the visa process alongside preparing a successful application can be stressful. But fret not! Because in this blog, we will provide a detailed step-by-step guide for the UK student visa application covering everything, especially for Bangladeshi students. But before that let us have a quick walkthrough of everything there is to know about applying to the UK-

Top Universities in the UK 

Top Universities in UK  Universities with good reputations have support systems and services for international students to help with the complicacy of the visa process. Thus, studying at a reputed university in the UK is important for making the process much easier and more streamlined.  Here is a list of top UK universities worth considering and their QS World University Rankings in 2023:


QS World University Rankings 2023

University of Leeds


Durham University


University of Sheffield

Lancaster University


University of Sussex

University of Leicester


Royal Holloway University of London

University of Plymouth


University of Portsmouth

University of Hertfordshire


Popular Scholarships

The UK offers numerous scholarships for international students which has the obvious benefits of alleviating the financial burden. But how exactly does it come into the picture with the visa procedure? Besides alleviating the financial burden, financial aid in the form of grants and scholarships, make it easier for international students to meet the visa requirements by demonstrating sufficient funds to support their studies in the UK. Scholarships for Bangladeshi Students in the UK:



Commonwealth Scholarships
Chevening Scholarships

Eligibility Requirements

While eligibility requirements vary across universities and choice of program across the UK, here is a list of the general requirements for Bangladeshi students to apply to UK universities:
  • Valid passport from Bangladesh
  • Offer letter from an accredited institution in the UK
  • Proof of English language proficiency e.g. IELTS or SELT
  • Documentation demonstrating the ability to cover tuition fees and living expenses
  • Previous academic transcripts and certificates
  • Meeting specific requirements of chosen institution and program

UK Student Visa Application: Step-by-Step Guide

UK Student Visa Application: Step-by-Step Guide

Process Outline

If your question is how to apply for a UK Student Visa in the first place, here is a detailed outline of the entire application, covering each and every part!
  • Step-1: Obtain the Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) CAS from a university, college, or similar institution in the UK, or pass the pre-CAS test.
  • Step-2: Collect all documentation required for visa application. You can find the list of required documents on the UK government’s website for student visas.
  • Step-3: Book an appointment at the nearest UK visa application center which is in Dhaka. Additionally, you can apply online on the official website though this is not recommended.
  • Step-4: Attend visa interviews. Although many students obtain visas without interviews, some students may be required to attend credibility i.e. visa interviews during the visa application process - which is also nothing to be afraid of!
  • Step-5: Receive the final decision. If your visa application becomes successful, a sticker or vignette will be on your passport. 
We will break down each step mentioned in the outline in the following segments and talk more about it!

Types of Visa

There are mainly two types of visas offered by the UK embassy that are applicable to Bangladeshi students. These two visas allow them to pursue their higher studies along with numerous other benefits. Here is an overview of the types of study visas and their requirements:

Visa Category

Eligibility Criteria Application Deadline

Entry Schedule

Short Term Study Visa Applicants aged 16 or above can apply for a short-term study visa for further or higher education course in the UK 3 months prior  Course lasts 6 months or less - up to 1 week before
Student Visa (General or Long Term) Applicants aged 16 or above can apply for a student visa for further or higher education course in the UK 3 months prior  Course lasts more than 6 months - up to 1 month before
Student visas offered by the UK embassy are generally known as Tier 4 visas and both of the above-mentioned visas fall under that category. You can check the government of the UK’s official website for more detailed and updated information!

Required Documents

Now we will provide a detailed list of the documentation required for Bangladeshi students to apply for the Tier 4 or UK student visa:
  • Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) from a university, college, or similar institution in the UK
  • Valid passport from Bangladesh
  • Passport-size color photograph
  • Proof of English language proficiency e.g. IELTS or SELT
  • Documentation demonstrating the ability to cover tuition fees and living expenses
  • Tuberculosis screening 
  • COVID-19 test report 72 hours prior to flight
Please note that these documents are non-negotiable and additional documents might be required if requested by the UK embassy. Additional documents mostly include - English language proficiency requirements, Biometric residence permits, etc. These are for exceptional cases and nothing to worry about for you!  However, if any of your supporting documents are not in English, you must get them translated. The translated documents will include the translator's name, signature, date, and confirmation of accurate translation.

Visa Fees

Visa fees vary hugely from time to time due to an unstable exchange rate. The application form costs £348. And just to give you an idea, below we have provided an approximate costing for the UK student visa process if you are applying for the Tier 4 visas:

Visa Category

Approximate Costing (BDT)
Short Term Study Visa (6-11 months)


Longer Term Student Visa  (2 years)


Longer Term Student Visa (5 years)


Longer Term Student Visa (10 years)


In Conclusion

In short, the visa process is a fundamental part of applying to study in the UK, and is not complicated at all if all provided steps are met! One last thing, we recommend you start your visa application at least 6 months before your plan of arrival as it may take up to 3 weeks to receive any decision. Additionally, we understand that this whole process can get overwhelming given all factors of studying abroad. And to make this process a bit easier for you, PFEC Global is here to help! Our expert consultants, here at PFEC Global, have years of expertise in assisting students with their student visa applications.

Please reach out to us at 01730785457 or 096 09 800 300 for more details.‬

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Bangladeshi students apply for a UK student visa?

Answer: Yes, Bangladeshi students are eligible to apply for a UK student visa.

How long does it take to process a UK student visa application?

Answer: Processing time for a UK student visa may vary, usually taking around three weeks.

Can Bangladeshi students work part-time with a UK student visa?

Answer: Yes, with a valid UK student visa and subject to certain restrictions.

What is the maximum age limit for student visas in the UK?

Answer: There is no age restriction for applying for a UK student visa. If you're 16 or above and have a course offer, you can apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa.

Can I extend my visa to the UK as a Bangladeshi student?

Answer: Yes, it is possible but you will need to apply for an extension before the current visa expires.  

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