Top 5 Reasons For Studying In Australia

May 20, 2019

Australia has always been one of the premiere tourist destinations of the world; but what many people are not aware of is that it has an equally prestigious status as a study abroad destination for international students. Some credit this success of Australia to its year-round temperate climate, some to its cultural and geographical diversity, and some to the wide variety of courses and study options available. There a variety of diverging thoughts on why this country is great for you to study abroad in, and today we shall discuss some of those very reasons in broader detail.

One of the major reasons behind students choosing a particular destination is the global recognition of the degree that they are about to obtain. The Australian approach to vocational and technical education is currently recognized as among some of the best and most innovative in the world. The country enjoys an international reputation for excellence in all areas of education and training. Australian universities are widely recognized for excellence in many disciplines, such as Cyber Security, IT, Business Analytics, and Accounting. The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is a national policy that ensures there is a uniform and recognized progression for study. The framework was introduced in 1995 and includes secondary school, higher education, and vocational education and training (VET) courses. Since the AQF establishes pathways between qualifications and sets the standard for learning outcomes at each level of education; regardless of what you study, rest assured that you will gain formal recognition for your degree. Institutions deliver practical and career-orientated training so that graduates can be confident that they possess the skills sought out by employers. It has played an important role in Australia’s economic performance by greatly increasing the skill of workers and also by contributing to improved productivity.

Additionally, as an international student, you might very well be worried about the quality of the education that you are receiving. Even though there are many countries abroad which offer a number of lucrative “study abroad” opportunities, many have a lower quality of education than most of us would assume. In Australia, there are specific laws and/or measures that have been enabled while keeping the best interests of international students in mind. The Education Services for Overseas Students Act was introduced in 2000 and is designed to protect standards for international students studying in Australia. This law, which was amended in 2010, delivers regulatory requirements for education and training institutions through the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

In a 2012 survey co-conducted by the Australian Government and top education groups, 86% of international students responded that they were ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with their experiences studying in Australia. Australia’s national quality assurance system is unique both in its structure and meticulousness. International students, as well as their parents, enjoy an unmatched level of service and financial protection. The country is committed to providing quality education to students—whether they are national or international. The Australian Quality Training Framework has also been set up by the government to strengthen the quality assurance processes in education. Australia similarly provides the world’s most rigorous protection for international students through ESOS.

As an international student, many people often dream of meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, and having novel experiences. If you decide to go study abroad in Australia, this dream of yours could easily come to fruition—and there is a strong reason behind this. Australia is a safe, multicultural, welcoming and harmonious society. Australians value the treasure of cultural diversity and social sophistication that international students bring to the campuses and communities. This is why great care is taken in looking after international students and helping them adjust to the Australian way of life.

Australia has a low crime rate and strict gun control laws providing a safe environment. Since many of your peers will be nationals of other countries, studying in Australia will allow you to experience the melting pot of cultures in the country. The multicultural nature of Australian society means international students are readily accepted by other students, and teachers are experienced in teaching classes to students from many different countries.

If you are someone who is interested in going for research as part of your studies, Australia is probably the best place for you. The country offers research opportunities to eligible professionals who are willing to enhance their career. The biggest advantage here perhaps is that Australia offers country-based research that is spread all over the continent. Selection for these highly regarded research opportunities are based on merit and is highly competitive, and a proven track record of academic excellence is a pre-requisite. There are also better funding opportunities for PhD and Post-Doctoral candidates, which is why many secondary/ tertiary level teachers interested in enriching their resumes go to Australia to pursue research-based degrees.

Lastly, many international students look forward to doing part-time jobs or internships as a way of learning new skills, improving/ adding to existing skills, and sometimes even earning a little extra money (and work experience) on the side.

Australia has some of the best benefits for students who work part-time (even if they are international). You will get to enjoy breaks and holidays, workplace security and overtime pay just like ordinary part-time employees. Also, since the country attracts quite a lot of tourists around the year, many hotels, restaurants, cafes and other service industries related to tourism require employment on a regular basis. Furthermore, if you manage to get a work permit during your summer vacation/ other holidays, you can work full-time since you do not have to study then.

In conclusion, before you decide to finalize where you want to study abroad, remember that you have to keep in mind your needs and aspirations as an individual. Things like finances, availability of seats in the course of choice, and adaptability to a foreign society must all be considered before coming to a concrete decision. That being said, Australia is definitely one of the highest-ranking countries (as a study-abroad destination) which is why it should be one of your choices (if not your only choice) should you decide to go abroad for higher education.

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