Top 10 Courses for International Students in North America

/International-Students-in-North Canada and the USA have some of the best universities in the world for international students. Studying in Canada is affordable compared to the United States, while the USA has some of the world's best universities that assure a brighter future right upon graduation. You should choose your country and university based on the course you decide to study.

Let's take a look at some of the best courses to study in the USA and Canada:

Top courses to study in the United States


Business Management

Business-Management Business Management courses are amongst the most popular for international students as they lead to the highest-paying jobs in the USA. Students with management degrees can easily find a job not only in the US but also in other countries.


Engineering Civil, mechanical, and IT engineering are highly preferred courses among international students. The USA has some of the world's best universities offering the best engineering courses to their students.

Mathematics and Computer Science

Mathematics-and-Computer-Science After engineering and business management, mathematics and computer science courses attract the most international students in the USA. Carefully designed courses and ample research opportunities have made the courses popular.

Social Sciences

Social-Sciences Courses in social sciences and humanities cover several exciting subjects such as journalism, anthropology, international relations, economics, etc. Unlike in other countries, jobs in these sectors are easily available in the The USA.

Physical and Life Sciences

Physical-and-Life-Sciences Physical and life science courses have the best combination of biology and medicine. In addition, the courses allow you to stay connected to healthcare via the path of technology. There are plenty of opportunities for students of physical and life sciences.

Top courses to study in Canada


Computer Science and IT

Studying in computer science and IT courses allow you to work as an information systems analyst and consultant, software engineer or designer, web designer or developer, and/or other profiles. Canada's tech industry is growing fast, and talented professionals are in demand.

Business and Finance

From asset management to broking and insurance, you have plenty of opportunities in Canada after studying business and finance courses. The courses make you eligible to contribute to the monitoring policies for forecasting of the economy.

Core Engineering and Engineering Management

Core-Engineering-and-Engineering-Management Skilled engineers are highly in demand in Canada, especially professionals with skills in AutoCAD, CATIA, or other industry-standard CAD software. There are many jobs for Civil, CSE, Mechanical, Chemical, and Electrical engineers.

Media and Journalism

Media-and-Journalism As digital media, social networking sites, and other online platforms are getting increasingly popular, the demand for skilled and creative professionals in media and journalism is also increasing. You can work in advertising, public relations, digital media, and several other sectors.

Psychology and Human Resources

Human-Resources Psychology and human resource courses can easily get a job across various sectors. You can work as a psychologist, career advisor, industrial psychologist, and HR professional.

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