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Jun 15, 2019

As Bangladeshi children, many of us grow up dreaming of wanting to go abroad for our higher studies, just to be able to get the novel experience of living abroad in a brand-new environment. Most of us are used to living an enclosed life, so going to study abroad finally feels like an adventure that would allow us to explore the world (or at least, a bit of it). There are numerous qualities for which Canada is now being garnered as one of the top choices as a study abroad destination for Bangladeshi students. Let us look into just a few of the amenities the country has on offer:

High standard of living:

Canada has one of the highest standards of living in the entire world. All major urban areas in the country have a variety of shopping centres, restaurants, theaters, art centers and museums. Canadian cities have many public parks, gardens, beach and sports and leisure facilities that are open for all. Also, since the population density in most regions is fairly low, there are a lot more job opportunities available there.

Low cost of living:

In the past three years or so, compared to those of other industrial nations, the Canadian inflation rate is one of the lowest. Canadian institutes also charge lower tuition fees for international students than their counterparts in competing countries (the UK, USA, and even Australia) and at the same time; these institutions have managed to maintain excellent educational quality. However, as the fees are more affordable, admissions are subsequently more competitive. Living costs near most universities are fairly cheap, and since part-time jobs in and around cities are plentiful—you will be able to support yourself (at least partially) with fair ease.

Safe learning:

Canada is a safe, just and peace-loving nation. Canada’s crime rate has steadily declined over the years. Every step is taken by the government in order to ensure the safety of students in campuses. Most universities/ colleges have their own campus security 24 hours a day, and there are also “Walk Safe” programmes to help people in getting to public transportation during late hours, should they need/ want to do so. Classrooms are also highly liberal and safe for people of all walks of life to feel comfortable to interact within. Class sizes are often kept small to keep new or foreign students from feeling intimidated by large groups or gatherings of people.

Great domestic/ residential life:

A recent UN survey shows that Canada has the world’s best residential areas. Ranked as the number one country for the past 9 consecutive years, a United Nations survey has found Canada to be the best place in the world to live in. The country’s high levels of universal education, long life expectancy (due to a universal healthcare system), low crime rates, etc are all factors which make Canadian residential life so amazing. In addition, Fortune Magazine named Toronto and Ontario as the best international cities, which makes my argument much more valid.

Bilingual country:

Canada is a bilingual country with two official languages, English and French. The vast majority (75%) of Canada’s French-speaking inhabitants lives in the province of Quebec, which is located in the eastern part of the country; but there are French-speaking communities scattered throughout the entire country. English is the main language of communication in all provinces other than Quebec. While it not absolutely necessary for international students to learn both languages, learning French along with English can prove to be an added advantage.

Mesmerizing natural environment and scenic beauty

If you are a fan of the scenic beauty of glaciers, snow-capped mountains, lakes and even the Aurora Borealis; Canada has all of these and even more in store for you! Students here will be fortunate enough to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, usually at quite reasonable prices. For example, students going to Brock University can easily visit the Niagara Falls, which is barely a few miles away from the main campus. There is a coexistence of geographical conditions, the wild landscape stretching from the coastline of British Columbia, moving to Alberta and the majestic Rocky Mountains, then the vast expanse of high prairies to the “maple sugar town, then finally reaching the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence and the Atlantic coastal province of rugged mountains. If you want to watch the Aurora Borealis in action, you can join any of the expeditions that go to Yukon (and other northern regions) to see the beauty in live action.

Work during/ after and co-op program:

Students (both national and international) in Canada are allowed to work part-time on-campus during the first 6 months of their program and off-campus part-time thereafter. The duration permitted is up to 20 hours per week for full-time students. Several programs may even have a paid co-op term, where students will gain hands-on experience working in the industry of choice, such as IT, Communications, Business etc.

Rich multicultural communities:

The country of Canada has become rich with many different languages, religions, and culture. Canadians are generally very amiable and welcoming to all faiths, races, and cultures. The multicultural nature of Canada’s environment allows students to have countless opportunities to interact with people from all across the world. Many colleges and universities have international student advisors who will help you connect you with clubs about either adjusting to Canadian life or embracing the international community. All of these reasons add up to why Canada has been named the 7th largest international student populations in the world in recent times. There is a club or community that will specifically meet your interests, cultural heritage, religion and other groups that you identify with—you can choose if you want to be a part of one or more simultaneously.

As someone who has lived in a developing country, you will have to take a lot of factors into account before you can apply to a university to go study abroad. I hope that some of the above reasons will work in positively motivating you to aim to go to Canada. Aside from affordability, safety, security—the convenience of having everything within reach (all possible amenities) is something that you should definitely bring under your consideration.

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