Awards & Accolades

Appreciation is the ground of our success that manifests as a beacon of trust and an embodiment of our work ethics.

PFEC Global received multiple prestigious awards and honours over the years of splendid operation.

With over a decade of experience and achievements, PFEC Global has been recognized with multiple honours and awards that distinguish us and empower us to achieve positive recognition in the industry.

We consider our team’s competency and passion as one of our paramount strengths to ascend to the aspiring heights of prosperity in the consultancy industry.

Here are several noteworthy awards achieved over the years as a devoted higher education and award-winning education agency in Bangladesh:

  1. Global Gold Agent 2023 for Oxford International
  2. Valued Partner Appreciation Award 2023 for Select Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation
  3. Top Performing Agent 2023 for Edith Cowan University
  4. Excellence Award for Conversion 2022 for Victoria University
  5. Agent of the Year Award 2022 for Southern Cross University
  6. Rising Star Agent Award 2022 for University of South Australia
  7. Naviats Diamond Agent 2022
  8. Highest Achiever Interstate Recruitment 2022 for Edith Cowan University


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