Interview Questions for Australian Universities that International Students Often Face

May 24, 2023

Currently, one of the most popular destinations to study abroad for international students is Australia - and rightly so, due to its diverse and multicultural practices. And with the keen determination of maintaining such practices, Australian universities place great importance on interviews during the admission process. By evaluating factors like motivations and adaptability, these interviews serve as a vital tool for assessing applicants beyond their academic achievements.

So, whether you have received the best help in selecting the right course to get that in-demand job in Australia or finding the perfect accommodation in Australia as an international student, all these preparations might easily go into vain if you fail to ace your interviews. That being said, there's no cause for alarm! Because in this blog post, we will list down the exact interview questions that you will be facing during your enrollment, so that the last thing you need to worry about during your application process is your interview.

Why Do Australian Universities Emphasize Interviewing International Students?

Why Do Australian Universities Emphasize Interviewing International Students?

Australian universities place a strong emphasis on conducting interviews with international students due to several reasons. With a significant number of international students enrolling each year, interviews provide the only opportunity for universities to identify well-rounded candidates from the huge pool of applicants. 

Below we have presented a table showcasing some of the top universities in Australia and the percentage of international students enrolled there. The numbers establish the significance of the interviews in helping exceptional candidates to stand out - 

University Total International Enrollment

Percentage of International Students

RMIT University



The University of Sydney



Curtin University



University of New South Wales



University of Wollongong 



Macquarie University



University of Technology Sydney



Cracking the Interview: Common Questions for International Students 

Common Questions for International Students 

So if you are considering studying in Australia, it is important to be mentally prepared for an interview. Thankfully, Australia is known for its welcoming stance toward international students, so it is reasonable to assume that the interview process will not be something overly challenging to succeed in.

The purpose of these questions is to, basically, gain insights into your personality that has not been reflected in your application and learn more about you as an applicant. Therefore, how you respond to these questions, impacts your admission prospect significantly. 

The interview format and length may differ based on the university's reputation and the chosen course. Some of these questions are for verifying the information you have given in your visa application, and some of them are to assess your mindset, point of view, and knowledge. Nonetheless, some common interview questions are frequently asked across institutions. A fun fact is that you might face these questions again while interviewing at part-time workplaces in Australia!

And to help you with the interview, we have prepared a list of the common interview questions, sorted under multiple categories, to make the interview process a bit easier for you! 

Motivation and Future Plan Questions

  • Why have you chosen to study in Australia?

  • How do you plan to finance your studies?

  • Do you have plans to pursue further studies after completing your current course?

Course Choice and Course Detail Questions

  • What is the name of the course you have applied for?

  • Can you provide a brief overview of the course and its subjects?

  • What is the duration of the course you have applied for?

  • How much does the course cost?

  • What influenced your decision to choose this course?

  • How does this program relate to your previous studies?

  • If this program is not related to your previous studies, why have you decided to change your career paths?

University Selection Questions

  • Why did you choose this particular university?

  • How did you learn about this specific university?

  • What factors led you to choose an Australian university instead of studying in your home country?

Background and Family Information Questions

  • Could you share some details about your family background?

  • How many siblings do you have, what do they do, and do they live with you?

  • What are your parent’s occupations?

  • Who is sponsoring your education?

  • What is the annual income of your sponsor?

  • Have any of your family members or relatives previously studied in Australia?

Visa and Study Intention Questions

  • Do you plan to live in Australia after completing your studies?

  • Have you ever had a visa application refused by Australia or any other diplomatic mission? If so, what were the reasons/circumstances for refusal?


The key to succeeding in the interviews, without breaking a sweat, is to simply answer the questions with accurate and correct information. Remember, the purpose of the interview is just to know you better! So the more honest and verifiable information that you provide, the more your chances of getting into your dream university.

Preparing for applications for studying abroad can often get overwhelming. So if you are looking for some help or assistance with any part of your application to Australian universities, worry not,

PFEC Global is here to help. Our experienced consultants assist students at every step of their educational journey, ensuring a smooth and efficient enrollment process. So, check out PFEC Global today for all your study abroad-related queries!

Please reach out to us at 01730785457 or 096 09 800 300 for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why will you choose Australia for studying interview questions?

Answer: Australia offers a diverse and multicultural environment unlike most other countries offering higher education to international students.

How should international students prepare for interviews with Australian universities?

Answer: Research universities, practice common questions, improve communication skills, and understand their culture.

What are the requirements for international students to attend Australian universities?

Answer: Admission application, proof of English Language proficiency, academic transcripts, statement of purpose (SOP), work experience (if any), and application fee.

How important are interviews for admission to Australian universities?

Answer: Australian universities assess applicants beyond academic qualifications and interviews help them to accomplish that.

Which documents are required for international students to bring for interviews?

Answer: Identification documents, application documents, and any relevant materials. Check the interview guidelines for the specific requirements.

Got a question?

If you have any queries, please drop us a message by filling out the form. We will connect you with an advisor as soon as possible!

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