What are the Benefits of Studying Hospitality in Australia

Are you an international student considering studying hospitality in Australia but are not sure about its benefits? Then look no further! Australia is particularly known for its world-class hospitality industry, and studying here can lead to many opportunities, including job prospects and permanent residency (PR). Besides, you can also start earning from the very beginning of your degree. The Australian government recently announced that international students studying tourism and hospitality in Australia could work in the plethora of part-time job opportunities offered for more than the previously set limit of working forty hours fortnightly.  

Hospitality Courses in Australia for International Students

If you are an international student but want to study hospitality in Australia, then you are eligible to apply for the following Degree or Certification programs:
Offered Degree or Course Programs
Bachelor’s Degree Bachelor of Hospitality/Tourism/Event Management Bachelor of Arts (Hospitality/Tourism Management) Bachelor of Business (Hospitality/Tourism/Event  Management) Bachelor of Business Administration (Hotel/Resort Management) Bachelor of Culinary Management
Master’s Degree Master of International Hospitality/Tourism Management Master of Business Administration (International Hospitality/Tourism Management)
Diploma Course Diploma of Hospitality/Event Management Advanced Diploma of Hospitality/Event Management Graduate Diploma of Hospitality/Event Management
Certification Course Certificate II in Hospitality  Certificate III in Hospitality  Certificate IV in Hospitality  Certificate III in Commercial Cookery Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery Certificate III in Patisserie

Benefits of Studying Hospitality in Australia

Benefits of Studying Hospitality in Australia


The academic coursework of a hospitality degree in Australia is designed to provide students with a unique and specialized understanding of the industry with the inclusion of niche subjects like -
  • English Communication
  • Food Production
  • Food & Beverage
  • Housekeeping
  • Front Office
  • Accounting
  • Business Law
  • Nutrition and Food Science


The hospitality industry in Australia offers a highly competitive salary and benefits package, making it one of the most attractive and rewarding career options. The typical average yearly salary in the industry is around 60,000 AUD. The range is from 25,000 AUD for the waiting and bartending professions to 170,000 AUD for the managerial positions.


Hospitality management degree holders in Australia have innumerable job opportunities across both the hospitality and tourism industries. Besides, graduates with degrees or certifications in cooking, baking, hospitality management, etc. can also pursue careers in catering, hotel & restaurant management, and tourism. Below listed are a few of the career prospects:
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Resort Manager
  • Tourist Development Manager
  • Travel Consultant
  • Hotel Manager
  • Airline or Cruise Manager
  • Leisure, Sports and Events Manager


No extra visa hassle is required for studying in the hospitality industry in Australia except for the general visa procedure (i.e. application submission, interview questioning, biometrics, etc.) required for all international students. The basic requirements for international students to qualify for a visa to study in Australia is provided below:
  • Valid passport for the duration of your study in Australia
  • Offer letter from the selected university/institution
  • PTE or IELTS or other acceptable English proficiency tests
  • Evidence of access to sufficient funds
  • Evidence of Overseas Student Health Cover
  • All other relevant documents listed on the Department of Home Affairs visa checklist

Best Hospitality Courses in Australia for International Students

course With so many universities and institutions offering hospitality courses, you can easily get overwhelmed. Below listed are some of the best universities in Australia for international students offering hospitality courses from our long list of top-rated and trusted affiliate universities:

University of South Australia

The University of South Australia offers a Bachelor of Business(Tourism and Event Management) course. Its duration is three years full-time.

Griffith University

Bachelor of International Tourism and Hotel Management course offered by Griffith University is designed by keeping both practical and theoretical aspects of learning. The duration of the course is full-time for three years or part-time for six years.

Kaplan Business School

The Kaplan Business School offers a Bachelor of Business (Hospitality and Tourism Management) course with a standard study duration of three years with nine trimesters and twenty-four courses.


Hospitality Management course at Holmesglen has a duration of three years full-time or six years part-time which also includes off-site visits to several distinguished hospitality and tourism destinations. Further, Holmesglen employs industry-specialized professionals in their Melbourne campus from whom students get real-world experiences along with access to state-of-the-art facilities. 


In this article, we have provided the pathway for pursuing a degree in hospitality in Australia, along with all the necessary information required for it.  If you are looking to study hospitality in Australia and need proper guidance, PFEC Global is here to cater to your needs. PFEC Global’s experienced guidance & support along with expert Australia student visa services have already enabled many international students to achieve that.  So let our experienced consultant solve all your queries and ensure that nothing comes between you and your dreams!


How can I get a scholarship to study in Australia?

Answer: Scholarships in Australia are primarily awarded based on merit, and applicants must prove their eligibility for the specific scholarship they are applying for. Unlike other countries, there are no qualifying exams for scholarships in Australia. However, some scholarships may require applicants to take IELTS to demonstrate their proficiency in English.

What are the big five in hospitality?

Answer: Goldberg in 1981 utilized the big five model as a means of identifying the five key dimensions of personality traits, which include emotional stability, conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion, and openness to experience.

What is the scope of hospitality management in Australia?

Answer: There are several career opportunities available in Australia for individuals who have earned a bachelor's degree in hospitality management. Graduates of hospitality programs can explore various job roles in areas such as restaurants, hotels and resorts, travel agencies, and other businesses related to travel and hospitality.

What is the highest-paid job in hospitality?

Answer: The highest-paid jobs in the hospitality industry include Restaurant manager. Event manager, Hotel general manager, Sommelier, Food service director, Travel manager, and Executive chef.

Is Australia good for the hospitality industry?

Answer: When pursuing a degree in hospitality management in Australia, as a student, you can gain access to improved job prospects along with numerous benefits such as flexible working hours. Additionally, working in a hotel or resort may provide certain perks such as discounted rates for accommodation, transportation, and other travel-related arrangements offered by the employer.

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