Popular courses in Canada for International students which can help in PR


Canadian universities offer many courses that help students get jobs right away on completing their studies. We have created a list of short-term and long-term courses for international students to get jobs in Canadian companies.

Business Administration Courses:


MBA and MIM are some of Canada's top business administration courses that help students get lucrative jobs. On completing an MBA course, students can easily find jobs in banking, as a management consultant, in investment finance, and other sectors. The career opportunities are excellent for MBA students as it's listed in Canada's skill shortage occupation list.

Courses in IT and Computer Science:


Information Technology (IT) and computer science courses present several opportunities for international students to work in the country on completing their studies. You can get a job as a software developer, IT engineer, or project manager in Canadian companies.

Finance and Business:


If you are good with numbers and pass out with a degree in the field of finance or business, you have plenty of work opportunities in Canada. Canada has a high demand for professionals with knowledge and understanding of economics and financial markets. Broking, insurance and accounting, asset management, and investment banking are areas where students can easily get jobs and set their pathway to PR.

Core Engineering:


There is a tremendous demand for core engineers in cities like Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto. There will never be a shortage of jobs for the country's civil, electrical, telecommunication, and chemical engineers.

Courses in Medical and Healthcare:


Students of medicine, bio-sciences, and healthcare courses have nothing to worry about getting jobs and PR in Canada. They are in high demand, especially after the pandemic. Dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, biotechnology, and biological sciences are some of the top fields that need dedicated professionals.

Media and Journalism:


If you have a degree in Media and Journalism, there are plenty of opportunities in Public Relations, Advertising, Journalism and Marketing fields. You can also get a job in the field of Digital Marketing as well.



Several degree and diploma programs are available in Canadian universities, leaving you with plenty of options once you complete your study. Tourism industry in Canada is expected to flourish and sustain its growth once the Pandemic is under control.

What are the PR Programs in Canada?


A few programs that can help you get PR benefits are:

  • Programme for Federal Skilled Worker
  • Canadian Experience Class Program
  • Provincial Nominee Programme
  • Permit for Post-graduation Work

Top Universities for the Best PR Courses:


If you want to study engineering , medical, IT, or business courses in Canada, the following universities can be a perfect start. You get an amazing university campus experience, and on completing the courses from these universities, you can start applying for jobs in Canadian companies.

  • Brock University
  • Lakehead University
  • Acadia University
  • University of Lethbridge

If you need help or more information regarding courses and universities in Canada, you can reach out to our trusted consultant. We provide valuable guidance that helps you set your pathway for PR in Canada. Kindly call us on 01730 785463 to book your appointment.

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