The Ultimate Australian Visa Guide To Bookmark

Jun 15, 2021

The beautiful scenery, the quality of life, the stable economy and the diverse population of Australia make it a popular place to live and visit. Australia provides so many forms of visas that it can be difficult to find the correct one for your circumstances.

This article is for you if you're uncertain of which path to take. We will unpack the various Australian visa routes in detail below.

Family visas from Australia

Australian Partner Visa

For individuals who wish to travel to the great Down Under, this is one of the most common pathways. As a permanent resident or a qualified citizen of New Zealand, you may apply If you are in a relationship with an Australian resident. Your visa class depends on where the application is submitted and whether you have been granted temporary or permanent residency.


You will keep it for two years if you obtain a temporary Partner Visa. Throughout this time, your partnership will be tested to ensure that you wish to remain with each other. You will then be given a permanent partner visa if your partnership meets the criteria. It can take over a year to process these applications.

If a permanent partner visa is issued to you, it will be valid for five years, after which you will be eligible to apply for citizenship if you meet the criteria for residency.

The general criterion for residency is based on the amount of time you have been residing in Australia. All of the following criteria will be required to be met:

You lived for four years in Australia on a valid Australian visa shortly before applying for it.

For the 12 months immediately prior to applying, you have been a permanent resident.

Over the four-year period, with no more than 90 days in the year before applying, you have not been absent from Australia for more than one year in total.

You need to meet the following requirements to become an Australian citizen:

  • At both the time of application and the verdict, you are a permanent resident.
  • You satisfy the criteria for general residence
  • You're clear on the character report
  • You have basic English skills (for applicants under 60 years of age)
  • You have ample knowledge of the duties and privileges of Australian citizenship (for applicants under 60 years of age)
  • You expect to have or sustain a close and ongoing relationship with Australia.

The visa for the Australian Partner consists of the following routes:

  1. Partner (Provisional) visa (visa subclass 309) and Partner (Migrant) visa (visa subclass 309) (subclass 100 visas)

You would need to request your application from outside of Australia if you are applying for these visa subclasses. You can reach the country while your application is in progress, but in order to get your visa granted, you would need to leave Australia.

  1. Visa of the partner (subclasses 820 visa and 801 visas)

The temporary and permanent partner visas are protected by these visa subclasses. While in Australia, you will be able to apply for this programme.

You must have a valid Australian visa (excluding a visa for Bridging, Criminal Justice or Enforcement) or have the right to a waiver for subclasses 820 and 801 to be considered. As this prohibits you from making additional applications in Australia, you would not have a visa with status 8503.

  1. Prospective Visa for marriage (subclass 300 visa)

The "fiancé visa" is often referred to as the Prospective Marriage visa as it exists for single persons who can not prove that they have shared a room for a full year. It requires Australian citizens to enter Australia to get married to unmarried spouses.

This visa has employment rights that are unrestricted. The person in possession must marry his or her spouse before the term expiry date and apply for an Australian Partner visa. This is a temporary visa that has a nine-month validity. You will have to apply for a visa outside Australia for it to be successfully processed.

Visa for Australian Parents

You may be eligible for this visa if you are the parent of an Australian citizen or permanent resident. To qualify as a sponsor, your child must have lived in the country for a minimum of two years.

Parent Visa Contributory (subclass 143 visa)

You must meet the following conditions if you wish to apply for this visa:

You are the parent of a child who is a settled Australian citizen, settled permanent resident or settled eligible New Zealand citizen (natural, adopted or stepchild), at least more of your children live permanently in Australia than in any other country.

If your application is successful, the following rights will be granted to you, your partner, and dependent family members:

  • Live forever as permanent citizens in Australia
  • Working in Australia and studying
  • Sponsoring other permanent residency applicants
  • Apply to acquire citizenship
  • Get healthcare funded by Medicare and the Scheme of Prescription Benefits (PBS)
  • Travelling to and from Australia for five years from the date of acceptance of your visa

Your applicant will work as your insurer. This individual must demonstrate that they can financially support you, your family and all dependents to ensure that you do not rely on government funding for at least 10 years.

Your insurer will also need to reimburse any retrievable social security payments made to you, your spouse or dependants in the first 10 years of living in the country.

Finally, for each additional adult family member, the insurer would need to pay you a fee of AUD 10,000 and a further AUD $4,000. After ten years, this balance will definitely be refunded.

Australian Business Visa

  • Company Visa for innovation (subclass 188a visa)

This visa is open to applicants who are under the age of 55 with a successful company or having investment experience and are planning to start or purchase a business in Australia. It allows applicants and their families to spend four years and three months living, working and studying in the country.

The Company Innovation visa application process is dynamic and involves detailed navigation of the requirements. We suggest that you contact a MARA-registered Australian immigration advisor if you are planning to apply for a Business Innovation visa.

You'll need to fulfil the following prerequisites to qualify:

  • You're under the age of 55
  • On the immigration points test, you score at least 65 points,
  • Before applying, you owned at least one profitable company for two out of four fiscal years, each generating a turnover of AUD 500,000 for each of those years.

If you intend to transition, the appropriate points of view will have to be met by your company:

Criteria for Business (minimum of two must be met)

  • The applicant (and the partner) retained net principal business assets of at least AUD 200,000 for 12 months prior to that date.
  • A minimum of two Australian employees has been working at the applicant's primary business for 12 months prior to that date.
  • The applicant (and the partner) had kept net business and personal assets of at least AUD 600,000 for a span of 12 months prior to that date.

Turnover in the Company

  • The primary business of the applicant (and of the partner) produced a turnover of at least AUD 300,000 in the 12 months preceding it.
  • Spending time in Australia
  • The applicant must have resided in the country for one of the two years preceding the submission.
  • Period of primary company ownership
  • The claimant must have retained possession of the principal undertaking.

Wrapping Up

We will help you select the best route in Australia to obtain permanent residency. In order to give you the greatest chance of success, at PFEC Global we will ensure that you get your application right the first time.

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