Director’s Message

Mohammad Shaiful Islam

Director & Founder

We firmly believe in the adage “knowledge is power, information is liberating, and education is the premise of progress in society.” Thus, our process encourages the right approach toward achieving every student's academic milestones and dreams.

The idea of PFEC Global was set in motion to motivate students and fulfill their academic ambitions in a foreign land with the right resources. Since 2006, we have been flourishing our consultancy expertise upon the students and expanding our reach on a global scale. Thus, we intend to continue being the leaders in the educational consultancy industry and provide the best possible customer experience through moral guidance. With a competent team addressing the student's requirements, we have become the ultimate destination of customers’ trust and reliability. Therefore, through our perception of guaranteeing a high-achieving life, we ensure to provide result-driven services that cater to your achievements.

Md. Shahidul Islam

CEO & Managing Director

There are no limits to learning and gaining knowledge - this saying has always encouraged me to progress towards the apprehension of the unknown. Hence, the idea of PFEC Global has always been exhilarating as it enables education and migration assistance to those who need it. Our team of professionals understands the essence of communication and aligning to the needs of the students. If you have a big education and career dream that seems far away, then place your trust in us, and we will help those dreams come to life.


Our commitment defines us to continue being the industry leaders by providing an optimum customer experience through moral guidance that allows students to make the perfect choices in their academic decisions. Moreover, we encourage hope and prosperous dedication, which enabled us to create numerous success stories of our past clients.

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