Visa requirements for Studying in Malaysia

Getting a student visa for Malaysia is comparatively simpler and easier than in other countries. Any international student willing to study in Malaysia to receive a degree or diploma must have completed twelve years of education. They must also have undergone any international or national examination recognized by the Ministry of Education.

3 Steps to get Student Visa

Things you have to do is to follow these three steps:


Directly contact your chosen institution

You can directly contact your chosen university by submitting their application form. Before applying, remember that you must have a passport that will be valid for over a year. Otherwise, your application will not be processed.


Wait for their confirmation

The waiting period can be anxious, but it will not take long. Usually, applicants are notified about their confirmation by their chosen institute within a week.


Submit your documents

After getting the confirmation, you have to submit all the necessary documents to your accepted institution.

List of required documents

Students are required to submit the following documents to get the visa:

  • A signed student visa application form
  • An offer letter sent from the selected institution, approved by the immigration headquarters of Malaysia
  • Two photocopies of passport
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • Academic certificates such as degrees, diplomas, or transcripts
  • Proof of financial solvency that dictates you can bear education costs and living expenses in Malaysia
  • Health certificate and insurance documents
  • Evidence of full-time study approval by the Minister of Home Affairs

Processing the student visa for Malaysia is very easy, and you are much more likely to get the confirmation if you follow the steps and submit all the documents accordingly. Therefore, we at PFEC Global guide you to do your part sincerely and make this huge step towards fulfilling your dream.

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