The New Era Of Online Education And Digital Maturity

Dec 14, 2020

The Wave of Digital Maturity with Australian Universities

Survival in the COVID atmosphere- The world impels us to extend our thoughts beyond the common imagination and to invade into the future. COVID-19 has reconditioned the entire digital space and forced people, policymakers and organisations to transform their ‘working and thinking ways.’ Globally, now more than ever, educational institutions are undergoing a transformation. Partnerships with technology, to impart knowledge and reach out to students remotely, leading to online classrooms and virtual teaching.  

Australian Institutions Are Taking A Step Forward

Taking a giant leap in this digital wave, Australian universities and institutions have incorporated online learning as a part of their curriculum. Now offering students flexibility in attending classes from the comfort of their homes, with easy access to facilities such as e-libraries, student support resources and online learning material; ensuring the well-being of students in these tough times while they are on the move.   Institutions are also working with organisations to introduce exciting services to students that reward them for beginning their studies online before campuses are accessible. They provide access to advanced learning materials, workshops in Australia, and credit transfers on successful completion of online units.  

Online Learning Represents The First Step To Digital Maturity

Digital learning can be felt to pose a challenge because of minimal face-to-face contact with teachers and students. To address this challenge Australia’s leading universities not only give live lectures and engaging forums to communicate with fellow students, but also ensure online learning empowers a digitally mature student. Recognised for teaching excellence and innovation; Australian universities are expanding interactive virtual experiences, enabling prospective students to experience micro-units online; to help instil and maintain trust in digital education. Institutions also offer post-enrollment deferment or withdrawal options, if any student finds it difficult to cope with online classes. These initiatives will help students access quality Australian education, and start their studies without fear or danger during COVID-19. Australian universities are committed to equipping students with practical knowledge and skills to help them excel in their careers, that require a higher degree of change management and agile thinking in this ever-changing environment. With the foreign travel ban placed in many countries, online learning allows students to start their programmed units prior to moving to on-campus delivery once travel restrictions are lifted, saving precious student time and significant cost of living.  

Wrapping Up

What makes Australia an enticing destination for international students- A premium online learning experience coupled with studying with the finest training facilities at globally rated universities, acquiring job experience while studying, multicultural, safe and healthy environment and generous employment opportunities. In addition, Australia has done exceptionally well with efficient government strategies and an experienced health system to curb the COVID-19 crisis, offering students a great opportunity to remain ahead.

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