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As someone born into a developing country like Bangladesh, wishing to go abroad for higher studies is often a scary thought. You will not only have to apply and get accepted into a university, but for most undergraduate (and even some postgraduate) applicants—the prospect of going to a new country with a completely different environment, culture and setting is quite daunting. Many people in their first year experience culture shock and often suffer from fear of socializing and even of attending classes; largely because of the reasons explained above, but also due to the language barrier that exists.

However, this problem now has a solution, which is being brought to us by Navitas. Navitas is an organization that helps students find the right fit in terms of which educational institution (and program) they should choose when they decide to go abroad for higher studies. Navitas has many educational members in different countries, one of which is the Simon Fraser University (SFU), situated in Vancouver, Canada. As an international student, you might be someone who needs the reassurance that you are ready to face the challenges of a brand-new education system—and now with the help of FIC, you can do just that. Fraser International College (also known as FIC) has partnered up with SFU to offer international students a unique path to getting an undergrad degree at SFU.  Below are just some of the ways in which the FIC-SFU pathway could easily allow you to make a smooth transition from the Bangladeshi education system and culture to the Canadian one.

Specifically designed programs and teaching approach:

The programs and teaching approach at FIC are specifically designed to provide support to international students to ease their transition from high school education to university studies, as well as to help students to adjust to a new country, environment and culture. Studying at FIC will allow you to strengthen your foundation before moving on to university; something which might make a difference for many Bangladeshi students who have had a non- English medium education and really need some additional help before they are ready to tackle undergraduate life.

Multiple streams of study to choose from:

Should you choose to use the Navitas pathway to go to FIC, there are seven main streams of study you can aim for. Regardless of whether you want to go for Arts and Social Sciences, Art and Technology, Business Administration, Communication, Computer Science, Engineering Science, Environment or even Health Sciences—FIC has it all!

Ease of keeping track of paperwork:

Eligible students are provided a joint offer letter to both FIC and SFU with a guaranteed GPA threshold; and once you get enrolled, FIC will keep track of all relevant paperwork and share it with SFU. This means that you will have one less hassle to endure as an international student in a foreign country; which is always appreciated!

Ease of adapting to Canadian education system:

After studying in the Bangladeshi education system (particularly Bengali medium/ Madrasah board), you may be scared of facing the education system in Canada before even applying at any university. Here, FIC will make for smooth sailing; as all the programs are intended to help international students adjust to the Canadian education system with ease. With extra hours of instruction, small class sizes, bonus support programs and a high teacher: student ratio; you will be nurtured in a supportive environment that allows you to make the transition to university life far more easily than would be otherwise possible.

Access to university facilities:

Since FIC is situated at SFU’s main campus at Burnaby, students there will have complete access to university services, which include:

  • Modern computer laboratories (fully-equipped with state-of-the-art technology)
  • Amazing sporting facilities
  • World-class libraries (including e-books, reference books, and dissertations of past graduates)
  • On-campus accommodation at the Burnaby campus

All of this basically means that even if you are doing a foundation-building program at FIC, you can start using these facilities to adapt to university life at your own pace.

If all the above pointers have made you begin to look forward to starting your higher education in Canada using Navitas as a guide to FIC and SFU, make sure you check their website for admission and language requirements (which may differ based on your program of choice) in order to see if you are eligible for any of the various entry pathways available to international students. As a student from another country, you should try and ensure that you make a well-informed decision so that you have the best possible university experience that you can get.

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