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Jun 1, 2019

For many of us Bangladeshi students who are aiming to go abroad for higher studies, Canada has always been a favorable choice; due to a number of different reasons. Within Canada, Toronto is again a very popular destination for higher education. Those who decide to study at Brock University are persuaded by a wide variety of qualities that are quite unique to the university itself, as well as because of the region that it is in. We will try to look at some of these qualities in greater detail in this article.

Affordable living and tuition:

Since Bangladesh is a low-income country, one thing that always concerns Bangladeshi students is the total cost of going abroad to study. Often many meritorious students cannot afford to go to their country/ university of choice because of funding issues. If you do end up choosing Brock, this problem is removed almost immediately. While living and education costs for international students in Canada have always been relatively low, Brock is even more special as it has very low tuition fees compared to many other world renowned universities. Renting a house close to the university is also only around half of the price compared to the other localities of Greater Toronto Area.

Assurance of safety and security:

Brock also has a 24-hour on-guard security team to sort out any safety issues that students might face during their time there; so that you can move about more freely at any time of day.

Amazing business school:

If you are wishing to foray into the world of trade and business (while studying something that is a little out of the ordinary), Brock University might just be your best choice. Brock University is very famous for its Business programs. In fact, the Goodman School of Business at Brock University is one of the most elite business institutions in Canada.

Great funding opportunities:

Are you looking for well-funded programs (hoping to get a scholarship/ financial aid)? Then look no further! You could simply try to get into the Faculty of Applied Sciences or the Faculty of Mathematics and Science at Brock, both of which are very well-funded. Obtaining a graduate or even a postgraduate degree from here could be the highlight of your resume and make you stand out amongst your peers when you are working back in Bangladesh.

Multicultural community/ environment:

Many Bangladeshi students (like students from other developing countries) often get quite homesick since they cannot travel too far for leisure, usually due to monetary concerns. Studying at Brock University, students will barely get to be homesick—the university has over 100 countries represented on campus, which means that you will easily find a socio-cultural niche that is yours; even if it may not be from your country specifically.

Proximity to scenic, natural beauty:

Since Brock is located in Niagara, it is close to the legendary Niagara Falls (as well as the U.S.-Canada border) and many other tourist destinations you could hit up whenever you need to take a break from your studies; or you just want to relax and visit someplace new.

Limited Class Size:

Some of us get quite nervous when they think of attending a class in a new setting, particularly because as Bangladeshis, many of us have a language barrier that we feel constricts us in such social settings. However, at Brock University, you will find that there are limited class sizes with fewer students—this is done so that students feel motivated to communicate and directly interact with the faculty and their peers. This also allows them to loosen up their nerves and improves their language skills by giving them a chance to practice with real people.

Milder weather and better accessibility:

if you are worried about the weather being too harsh; Toronto has some of the mildest weather in Canada; on top of which the interconnected campus at Brock provides the added bonus of allowing better mobility during the winter months.

Numerous job opportunities:

Due to the university being quite close to the Greater Toronto Area, as a student there you will experience some added perks. Most of the amenities that students might need are available at hand, from stationery to food to clothes. A huge chunk of part-time job opportunities are available in Ontario; and since Brock in situated in Toronto, Ontario; students do not need to wait for long to find part-time jobs. Minimum wage is in between 11-14 CAD per hour; and other benefits applicable to full-timers are often also given to part-time employees. Benefit/amenity-wise, Brock University has fringe benefits that will wow any potential students!

Experimental learning made available:

One of the biggest notches that Brock University has managed to put on its belt is perhaps the ease with which it has segued experimental learning into the regular university curriculum. If you are someone who is interested in trying out new avenues of education (that may involve research), Brock would be great for you.

Several co-op programs to choose from:

A huge opportunity for Bangladeshi students is the chance to partake in any of the 40+ co-op programs in Canada (offered to students enrolled in undergraduate programs). A co-op program basically allows students to work at a proper job (to gather more practical experience) while simultaneously studying at the university. Not only will it help you earn some extra cash, it will also enhance the skills in your resume. Many employers will be more eager to hire someone who has done an internship or a co-op during or after completing their graduation.

Regardless of whether you are planning to go to Canada for your graduate/ postgraduate degree, if you wish to study in Toronto, you should consider Brock University as one of your options. Comparing total cost of education with total benefits you will reap after receiving your degree, Brock outweighs most other universities that you may have compared it with. Not only will the education there be great, but it will also give you the opportunity to be more social, active and even learn to improve your practical skills—all of which are bound to make you better prepared to handle the competition in future life.

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